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I obtained a Bachelor of Nursing from University of Notre Dame, Sydney in 2009 and was also awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing (ICU), from the Australian Catholic University in 2014. 

I'm a strong advocate for the importance of quality education, and it's my mission to train with the experts in the cosmetic industry to bring my clients the absolute best in terms of the latest evidence-based cosmetic injectable treatments. 


It is my 10 year background as a Clinical Nurse Specialist that has given me an excellent foundation in anatomy and physiology. Anatomy knowledge as an injector is key in conducting advanced facial assessment, as well as ensuring your service is safe & product placement is correct.

Opening Novaes Aesthetics as the first Cessnock-based cosmetic clinic is an exciting culmination of years of experience and passion and I plan to continue to focus on levelling up the service I can deliver to my valued clients.

In 2024, I joined the team at Derma Medical as an Aesthetics Clinical Trainer. Derma Medical is the largest training organisation in the world for non-surgical procedures, equipping doctors, nurses, and dentists with the specialised skills needed to perform a variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures safely and accurately.

I take great pride in my role within medical aesthetics and am continually motivated to pursue further education and training opportunities. My position with Derma Medical keeps me at the forefront of the ever-evolving advances in the cosmetic industry, allowing me to stay updated with the latest techniques and innovations.

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I firmly believe that cosmetic injectable treatments should be completely natural and subtly noticeable; leaving you with a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance. 


I pride myself on my ability to achieve natural, beauty-enhancing results. To me a natural result is about facial harmony; rather than treating one particular area in isolation without consideration to the overall appearance, we should understand how having that one area treated impacts on the surrounding areas and the face as a whole. I'm also a strong advocate for skin health optimisation and proudly offer a range of complementary products and treatments in clinic to assist my clients on their journey to looking and feeling their best. 


My consultation process is transparent and I am committed to maintaining high ethical standards; I'll never perform a treatment that will not be in your best interest from an aesthetic perspective. 


Asking questions and open communication is key to a positive client-injector relationship. This doesn't end after your treatment; you will be given my direct phone number should you have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment. I will always prioritise the safety and comfort of my clients and want everyone that comes into the Novaes clinic to know that it is better to ask the question rather than being unsure. 

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