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This exclusive sensitive skin kit will leave your skin feeling calm, hydrated and free from irritation. It includes the Concentrated Cleanser, Concentrated Moisturiser+, Concentrated Hydration+.


Plus, try before you buy for sensitive skin – we’re gifting you 4x samples to trial:

  • Concentrated Clarifier
  • Concentrated Illuminator
  • 2x Concentrated Micropeels
  • 2x Concentrated CC+ Cream 30 SPF  


Step one - Cleanse your face with the Concentrated Cleanser

One of the biggest mistakes you can make for your skin is choosing the wrong cleanser.

This is the ideal cleanser for sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain soap and cleanses without stripping, keeping pink skin calm. The hydrating ingredients like glycerine, anti inflammatories like Vitamin B3 protect the barrier function and the skin’s immune system!  For men this also doubles up as an ideal shaving balm. Ditch those harsh shaving foams.


Step two - Soothe and calm with the Concentrated Moisturiser+ / Hydration+

Keep your sensitive skin calm with this day moisturiser for all seasons. 

Powered by Vitamin B3 to protect the barrier function, this moisturiser acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, stabilizes sebum output, protects against cellular ageing and protects the skin’s immune system - essential for keeping pink skin calm and stable!


Feed thirsty skin with the Concentrated Hydration+ in the evening.

The Concentrated Hydration+ is a more enriched and occlusive moisture source for your skin at night time - for when you need that additional thirst quencher.

Boosted by 5% B3, the Concentrated Hydration+ is powerful, yet calming for sensitive skin. The addition of antioxidants helps prevent ageing whilst restoring the barrier function of the skin while you sleep.


Sample products included:

  • 2 x Concentrated Micropeels with alpha and beta hydroxy acids (2 uses - try 1 per week)
  • 1 x 5ml mini-pump of our Concentrated Clarifier with 18% alpha and beta hydroxy acids (up to a week’s use - in the morning after your cleansing)
  • 1 x 5ml mini-pump of our Concentrated Illuminator boosted with 10% B3, 10% C, HA and Peptides (up to a week’s use - in the evening after cleansing) 
  • 2 x sachets of our Concentrated CC+ Cream SPF 30 - Prevent, Protect and Perfect your skin (try after moisturising your skin in the morning). Chemical filter-free SPF 30 - Vitamin B3 boosted, colour correction all in one! Perfect for sensitive skin.


Dermatologist designed universal for all skin types with the right ingredients in the right concentrations.


All you need for calm and happy sensitive skin.


CARE: Keep out of eyes. If eye contact occurs, flush with water and seek medical advice. Patch test prior to use. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30°C.


INGREDIENTS: See individual products for specific essential ingredients.

Rosacea + Sensitive Skin Kit

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