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The Total Skin Glow + Acne Kit is as easy as 1,2,3 and a weekly Spot Destroyer total rejuvenation treatment.


Three simple steps and an AHA BHA treatment once a week for radiant glowing skin.

At the same time as clearing out congestions and stopping breakouts in their tracks.

This exclusive kit will leave your skin luminous. It includes the Concentrated Cleanser, Concentrated Clarifier, Concentrated Moisturiser+ & the AHA BHA Spot Destroyer.


Step One: Cleanse your face with the Concentrated Cleanser

The biggest mistake people make is choosing the wrong cleanser!

This is the ideal cleanser for all skin types, especially acne prone and sensitive skin. Cleanses without stripping, hydrates with glycerine and soothes with anti inflammatories + vitamin B3. Leaving your skin perfectly balanced and soft.

For men this also doubles up as an ideal shaving balm. Reducing irritation and ingrowns. Preps your canvas to make sure the Concentrated Clarifier evenly absorbs and readily penetrates to start preventing and removing congestion. 


Step Two: Exfoliate and Rejuvenate with the Concentrated Clarifier

AHA BHA Cell Renewing serum. Hello fresh face, good buy breakouts!

Apply a few drops of this perfect AHA BHA for cell exfoliation and cell renewal.

Containing clinical levels of AHA (lactic mandolin tartaric glycolic) to cell exfoliate, remove dull skin cells, fade pigmentation and long term reduce fine lines and stimulate collagen. Combined with lipid loving BHA (aka salicylic acid) that penetrates into pores assisting in dissolving and stopping congestion, exfoliating your epidermis and preventing ingrown.

Doubling up as an anti inflammatory this calms down inflammation and breakouts.


Step Three: Sooth and calm with the Concentrated Moisturiser+

Rebalance, replenish and rehydrate with this anti inflammatory non comedogenic soothing moisturiser.

With 5% B3 the Concentrated Moisturiser+ seamlessly integrates stabilising sebum output and calming down inflammation while boosting your skin with anti ageing and pigment preventing B3.


Once a week the Concentrated Spot Destroyer

Forget microderm and take the clinic home!

Clinically effective combination of AHA and BHA.

A global facial skin treatment that also addresses congestion and breakouts.

Exfoliates, rejuvenates, fades pigment and addresses sun damage.

Helps prevent and helps ingrown hairs for men.

Apply all over the face, after the dr.NC Concentrated Cleanser. Don't mind the tingle!

Allow to absorb and dry for a minute or so then apply the Concentrated Moisturiser+.

Use once or twice a week.

Can also apply to the chest and neck if your wanting total skin perfection. 

Note: If it stings for more than a minute, rinse it with cool water. 


Refer to individual product pages for ingredients lists & directions for each product.

Total Skin Glow & Acne Kit

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