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Put dull skin to bed and get your glow on.

This exclusive kit is a once-weekly treatment, that will leave your skin luminous. It includes the Concentrated Cleanser, Concentrated Spot Destroyer & Concentrated Hydration+. 


Step One: Cleanse your face with the Concentrated  Cleanser

Prep your canvas to make sure the Spot Destroyer evenly absorbs and readily penetrates to start your rejuvenating process. If you have a lot of sunscreen and/or makeup on, go for the double cleanse.


Step Two: Rejuvenate with the Concentrated Spot Destroyer

(combo AHA+BHA)

Grab your rollerball and start working it all over your face. 

Don’t be put off by the name, it was designed to be easily applied as a “spot treatment” and address breakouts, but it’s equally as effective as a global facial rejuvenation skin treatment. 

The low PH combined with combo concentrations of AHA BHA, ensures effective penetration and a global exfoliation, working on collagen production over time. 

Note: If it stings for more than a minute, rinse it with cool water. 


Step Three: Soak it up with the Concentrated Hydration+ 

To complete the Facial, after letting the Spot Destroyer absorb and penetrate for a minute of two, follow through with the Concentrated Hydration+.

With 5% niacinamide B3, shea butter, glycerine, and refined lanolin, this is the perfect Autumn / Winter thirst quencher for your skin. The addition of 5% B3 allows this enriched cream to work on damaged DNA, pigmentation, and aging.

So it’s time to put dull winter skin to bed.


Refer to individual product pages for ingredients lists & directions for each product.

Total Transformation Facial

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