Novaes Aesthetics

At Novaes, our philosophy centres on preventing the signs of aging through subtle, natural looking and individually tailored adjustments aimed at extending the age of youthfulness.

We recognize the strong link between your appearance and how you feel and believe that whilst ageing is inevitable, you can age gracefully, retaining a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. It is our absolute goal to achieve subtle, natural results leaving you feeling and looking your best.


Noaves was foundered by Registered Nurse Chris Underhill and operates in partnership with cosmetic industry leader Juv’ae. With over 10 years experience in the industry, Juv’ae operates throughout all states throughout Australia providing a strong network for all its nurses, including ongoing education and training. All nurses working with Juv’ae undergo a rigorous training program, ensuring each and every nurses clinical practice is of the highest standard and inline with current best practice.


Please click the BOOK NOW link to book in your appointment. All appointments require a $50 deposit to confirm your booking. This $50 is deducted off the total cost of your treatment. All new clients can expect to be with us for 45 minutes for most initial appointments.


Dermal Filler

When it comes to our injectables, we do not just inject and let our clients go. We are professional practitioners who know that a face is where beauty is stored and treat it with the utmost care it deserves. Our skin rejuvenation and repair get done by consultation with the client. This consultation is to ensure that all angles are covered, and the result is what was needed.

We offer professional lip injections, such as our lip flip which is an aesthetic procedure that involves an injection in the corners of the mouth and the cupids bow. The cupids bow is the middle of the upper lip; these lip injections make the muscles around the lip relax. This effect makes the upper lip’s inward part flip outward and upward, giving the perfect full lips.

We have done many lip flip procedures, and our patients are always satisfied by the result; We also offer lip fillers, and our patients have been pleased with our lip filler services.

At Novaes, we offer rejuvenation services to our patients after a series of consultations and approval. We inform our patients of all the steps of the procedure before and after. This session is vital because we believe in guiding our clients in the right direction before beginning any process. At Novaes, we do not pressure our clients to make a specific decision for a reason or the other.

We have anti wrinkle injections in our rejuvenation services; the aim is to reduce the muscles to activate. When the muscles do not activate, it reduces new wrinkles, and the old wrinkles become hardly visible. For our clients to attain the perfect smooth face, the muscles are injected with small amounts of purified protein and increased equally for a natural finish.

The overall outcome of anti wrinkle injections is the relaxation of muscle activity and smoother skin.

Novaes also offers dermal fillers; The purpose of this is to help the skin retain its moisture, volume, softness, and delivery of nutrients. The cosmetic dermal fillers are gels put in the dermis to rectify the loss of volume and contour medium depth wrinkles.

At Novaes, we also offer under eye filler. The under eye filler is a non-invasive procedure that makes sure that the clients have the perfect young look that the client has been looking for. This treatment makes the eyes look youthful and removes any signs of tiredness or fatigue. The procedure is swift, safe, and painless.

Cheek fillers are a service that we are very proud to offer to our clients. Cheek fillers are injectables that get injected around the cheekbones; this gives you the impression that you have a perfect bone structure and reduces any wrinkles you may have.

We also have double chin correction to make sure that the client will get that perfect look. At Novaes, we can help to minimise the double chin appearance. We also offer chin filler that provides the client with an ideal triangular-shaped chin. Chin filler can be an ideal way to go to shape your face.

Our face filler procedure makes our clients leave our offices looking better than when they walked in; the face filler brings the best of all the features in the face.

With this vast range of services, we are sure that we can tend to any issue that our clients may walk in with and we always ensure that our clients leave satisfied.

We are dedicated to high standards to ensure every client gets value for their money. Our treatment solutions get personalised to meet every client’s individual needs. Our experts are prepared to work tirelessly to ensure our customers are always happy.